Triangular Pixels

Satisfy those munchies!
Your friend has been shrunk down to size! Defend them from tiny ghosts!
Godzilla is attacking the city! Create robots to take him down.
A zelda-inspired game featuring companion creatures, earthquakes and non-euclidian space!
Build your own snowmen
Based on the original Rescue Squad, Rescue Squad 2 adds lots of new features and levels.
Pilot a rescue helicopter and winch to save the stranded people
A pent-up ball of feline energy – you’re on the edge, you’re a… Cat On A Wire
Diagnose your patients then create a cure for them by mixing the correct chemicals.
Dig up rocks and lay down roads so that the drivers can get from one building to another.
HTC Vive Knuckles game where you build a house out of tetrominoes to protect the pig from the wolf.
Go back to being a child, using the HTC Vive
It’s not implicit… it’s explicit!
Before Unseen Diplomacy... there was The Hatton Garden Heist