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Triangular Pixels won Oculus VR Jam 2015! With our title Double Destruction.

Your friend has been shrunk down to size! Defend them from tiny ghosts with your lantern while they run around the tabletop dungeon looking for a way to return to normal.

You will have to work together! Communication and teamwork are key.

The miniature dungeon raider (VR player) has to find all the Runes to return to normal using their ‘Rune’ meter on the magical book they carry. The problem is, they are being chased down by ghosts, and it’s pitch black.

It’s up to their full sized buddy (tablet player) to keep the path lit for the dungeon raider, while also using the very same lantern to also scare away ghosts. Of course they have a slight problem too, a lack of fuel – calcium carbide if you must know. It’s up to the full-sized player to guide the mini-raider to find fuel hidden around the dungeon in order to keep the lantern going.



Asynchronous Multiplayer Gameplay

VR Player Features * Much loved, accessible gameplay from the makers of Smash Hit Plunder * Hunt using a ‘Rune’ meter to detect where Runes are hidden * Find the lantern fuel, guided by the tablet player * Avoid ghosts in the dark as you navigate the dungeon

Tablet Player Features * See the VR Player run around the miniature dungeon as the ghouls hunt them down * Guide the VR Player to the fuel hidden around the dungeon * Scare away ghosts with your lantern * Refill & relight the lantern with really tactile controls * Adjust how much the lantern is burning in order to preserve fuel, but to also give out enough light to still give the VR Player enough to see, and to scare away ghosts


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Does this game work on Oculus Quest? Or only Gear VR.

Only Gear VR - Ocul;us Quest didnt exist back in 2015. I have no idea what would happen if you tried to run it on Quest

maybe make it work on the quest ill play $20