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Fill your belly with as much as possible before your all-you-can-eat time ends.

Munch Mania is a VR rhythm action game, based on the style of Elite Beat Agents. The only controls you need to be able to play is your mouth and head movement!


Food comes towards you with a beat and you have to eat as much as possible before the end of the song. Some notes/food just takes one bite, some multiple. If a piece of food doesn’t get bitten before it passes you it removes points from your score. If you bite into a piece of food it will hang around in front of you, blocking your view, until you finish it. 

As the song progresses, you go through starters, mains and desserts of course!

We used a set of Index controllers we had and a real bowl to allow outside friends to throw extra tomatoes at the player in VR for bonus points. These non-VR players don’t need to see the screen, but they do have to be careful! Sometimes they can throw a chilli! If the VR player eats a chili pepper they get extra bonus points, but flames come out of their mouth blocking their view. Someone can come running in though with the milk controller and feed that to the player - it’s a Vive Tracker on top of one of our baby’s milk bottles! 

We had a smooth panning, tracking selfie camera for the VR player to place to steam the action in 3rd person to the TV screen - and of course added the game logo to that and the main menu.


Created in 26hrs byJohn Campbell (Triangular Pixels), Katie Goode (Triangular Pixels), John Hill, Thiago Escudeiro Craveiro


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